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Benedict Evans

I cannot think of a single publication, newsletter, blog, website, whatever, about internet generally and mobile, in particular, as uniformly excellent as Benedict Evans' work. See his site.

Evans covers ". . . everything around mobile platforms, operators, technology, tablets, digital publishing, network economics and business models." He sends out an email newsletter every Sunday -- I've reproduced part of January 26's below -- comprising everything interesting he's seen in tech and mobile, with his view on what it means, together with a digest of his blog posts. (He also does a podcast.) 

Evans has just been recruited to join the venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz. He says he's going to keep publishing this newsletter; I sure hope he does -- it's the single best thing in my information stream. 



Mashable is an excellent website that focuses on technology, social media, mobile, online video, web, gadgets, entertainment, lifestyle; if you're at all involved in IT, higher ed, or libraries, you might want to follow this site. It's not too geeky, and it strikes a nice balance between serious and fun. You can follow via Facebook, Twitter, email, RSS feeds.

Every once in a while, Mashable publishes a compilation of recent posts -- 

50+ Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

Bob Al-Greene 

This was a relatively quiet, contemplative week at Mashable, as we took you behind the scenes of both Newark Mayor Cory Booker's Reddit AMA and the new Pope's social media team. 

The week was flush with Google news. Even as news junkies flocked from the condemned architecture of Google Reader, the search giant introduced a new note-taking app, refined its image search for a more modern user and floated the idea of a unified chat service — all while Glass continued to generate buzz and speculation (and a little humor). 

Twitter celebrated its seventh birthday this week, and we had all the Twitter tips you'll need to stay informed as March Madness heats up. For the rest of the social media and tech news you might have missed, read on. 

See the link for the full list. Some examples -- 

  • What It's Like to Be Pope Francis' Social Media Intern 
  • Pinterest Begins Rolling Out New Site Design 
  • March Madness: 17 Twitter Media Must-Follows 
  • Facebook Like a Ninja With These Keyboard Shortcuts 
  • Amazon Launches Imprint for Literary Fiction 
  • More Than 500,000 Google Reader Users Migrate to Feedly 
  • Facebook Updates iOS App With Cover Photo Control 
  • Samsung Is Working on a Wristwatch of Its Own 
  • Apple Sets Sights on Augmented Reality for iOS Devices 
  • 10 Online Courses to Beef Up Your STEM Knowledge 
  • Vacation Disconnect Doesn't Mean Leaving Your Devices Behind