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The Altimeter Group's Jeremiah Owyang writes about how big companies (organizations) can be nimble and innovative. 

Future Proofing: Ten Ways Big Companies are Staying Agile

Posted on February 15th, 2013

A CEO of a new startup in Silicon Valley confided in me over beers that he said it’s easy for startups to disrupt big companies as they’re so busy internally fighting themselves. He’s right, I mostly see companies in internal battles and struggles over resources and power, leaving them exposed to outside startups. Coincidently, may of the startups I see disrupting large companies are composed of ex-employees who recombine as they know the weaknesses to exploit these larger companies, damning! To stay Future Proof, I’m seeing at least ten trends larger corporations are applying in the last year to stay lean and agile. 

I particularly appreciate 


  • #4 -- sourcing ideas from employees outside the R&D shops 
  • #5 -- visiting other organizations that are (perceived to be) innovative 
  • #6 -- "passion projects" (for example, Google's 20% idea -- that (some) staff are expected to dedicate a chunk of their time to innovation) 
  • #7 -- outside-in innovation -- bring your customers (clientele, users) in to help 


Full list and more at link.