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Facebook "Privacy Notice" Hoax

Below is a (growing) collection of links to stories about the latest hoax sweeping Facebook. (Additional common hoaxes, off the top of my head, include "Facebook will starting charging," and "OMG! Now you really can see who views your profile!")

These hoaxes are a pestilence. At best, they clog up status feeds, like spam; at worst, they serve as vectors to download malicious software.

My advice is that if someone -- even a close, apparently knowledgeable friend -- sends you something to cut-and-paste post as your status -- particularly if the consequences for not doing so are dire -- you should pause and at least think about verifying it before propagating the item.

Some resources for checking on potential hoaxes and scams, in addition to a routine google search, are -- "In fact, there have been dozens of Facebook hoaxes and scams, ..." -- "A silly copyright notice is sweeping Facebook today, with users attaching pseudo-legalese to their status updates in a misguided effort to prevent Facebook from owning or commercially exploiting their content. " -- "Fact check: Contrary to the viral cure-all circulating across Facebook and the Internet at large, there is no simple fail-safe text to post that will deter Facebook from controlling your personal data. There is no magic bullet to keep your social privacy private. And in fact, you may not really need one." -- "Sorry folks, but posting a supposed legal disclaimer to your Facebook profile does not alter the Terms of Service (ToS) or privacy policies governing how your content is viewed on Facebook." -- "Good thing you cited the Berner (sic) Convention. Now you're definitely protected. Really though, you signed up for Facebook and anything you post on Facebook is basically well, Facebook's. You've agreed to the terms of service, and have been asked to continually agree to them as they've changed and evolved. ... if you don't like it, don't use Facebook. Or delete the things you don't want Facebook's grubby little mits all over." -- "A 'privacy notice' that's been virally spreading on Facebook, supposedly protecting one's personal details and data from unauthorized copying, is fake." -- "Some Facebook users have been posting status updates that include legal language they believe will protect their copyright and privacy. The meme is a hoax that began in May and is going viral again." -- NSFW.